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to recognize and signify membership to a group or geographic location by displaying predetermined gestures with the hands, fingers and arms; usually held around the chest region.
1. (Star Player throws down a monstrous slam dunk during a televised basketball game.)

While running up the court:
*Star Player Throws Up (His) Set/Throws (His) Set Up*

To acknowledge the shout-out, members of the set in the crowd and watching on television throw up their set.

2. (two friends walk across the schoolyard headed to THUGGIN 101)

Brittney: I'm finna' be on t.v. tonight to accept an award for a revolutionary financial instrument that I created and I'm not good with long speeches; how do I show everyone back home thanks and love?

Kristine: Eaaasy! Throw Yo Set Up!
by sharknate December 07, 2011
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