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n., a thoroughly disagreeable person; a hard-on
Sean Hannity is such a throb.
by dblah February 13, 2005

Swelling of the genetalia in both male and females.
Charles : My cock Throbs seconds after Karen refers to any sexual contact we have had. From 3 miles distance (as the crow flies).
by celtic_muzz November 08, 2010
a person who goes on various chat-rooms and instigates all participants until s/he is ultimately banned from that website, then s/he makes a new account and starts over
He is such a throbs that he was thrown out of the chatroom in one hour!!
by Janethrobs May 29, 2008
to forcibly insert a blood engorged penis in the rectum of (insert direct object here)
Quit throbbing me!!!

Iowa is the throb state of all time!

I got throbbed in that game of tiddly-winks by another boy.
by The Charles October 28, 2003
someone with anger problems
Calm dowm you throb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Show February 03, 2005
a hot song
turn up the radio this is the throb
by Anonymous August 06, 2003
Swell, Buldge,
My cock started to throb after my mom sucked it for a good 20 mins.
by BlueOyster April 30, 2003