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This abomination is an individual who has three arms. With its extremely devious sex fetishes, the Three-armed Ball Juggling Cock Stroker is not something you see every day. You wouldn't want to see one anyways, unless your gay or a chick. The Three-armed Ball Juggling Cock Stroker uses three arms at a time on a mans genitalia. He simultaneously juggles the balls of its victim while stroking its cock with its rough, leathery palms. Victims often suffer extreme cases of PTSD, or Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, and must be sent in for psycho evaluation.
The Three-armed Ball Juggling Cock Stroker jumped on its victim and juggled his balls so hard, they wrapped around his cock and got punched with every stroke of the monsters mighty fist upon his cock. This man required amputation of cock and balls, and extreme psycho treatment. His friends and family say he was never the same man again.
by Kike-O October 14, 2009
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