an underground rap group from memphis that no longer exists, atleast as far as the true fans of the group are concerned. they are now a duo, (dj paul and juicy j). back in '91, dj paul and his brother lord infamous began producing underground tapes out of a makeshift home studio, paul putting tracks together featuring heavy kick drums, deep bass lines, and fast rattling high hats mixed with nicely sampled bits and pieces of everything from ol' school gangsta rap vocals, horror movie scores, and classic r&b melodies. soon lord and paul began recording with other local talent from the memphis area, and in the very beginning they were known as The Serial Killaz, or Backyard Posse..eventually changing the name of the group to Triple 6 Mafia. dj paul produced many, many, many classic underground albums with his impressive collective of lyricists, led by impressive tounge twisting hardcore/horrorcore lyricists such as skinny pimp and koopsta knicca, as well as the scarecrow of course. Lord Infamous aka the Scarecrow was the mastermind behind the name of the group. not only did he come up with it, but his devilish rap style is what set the theme of the group's work for nearly a decade. Since lord infamous is no longer activly recording with dj paul and juicy j, the true fans will no longer consider them three 6 mafia. during dj paul and juicy's rise to commercial stardom, lord infamous, the heart and soul of the group and it's original style, was locked up on several charges and did not take part in the recording of most known unknowns or the oscar awards. meanwhile, lesser members of the three 6 mafia/hypnotize minds camp such as frayser boy got to partake in these events and enjoy time in teh spotlight, despite having done next to nothing for the group when compared to a true lyrical legend, lord infamous, the scarecrow. many greats have left the group over the last decade or so (koopsta knicca, gangsta boo, skinny pimp, gangsta blac, crunchy black, ect) but the group officially died upon the departure of what may be the greatest lyricist to ever emerge from the south, tricky rickey, the infamous scarecrow. r.i.p. triple 6, the true fans will always remember the classics.
-"i can't wait for the new three 6 mafia album to drop, they keep on pushing it back."

-fool, without the scarecrow, there is no three 6 mafia. you are a bandwagon azz lame. go cop their ol' school shit if you wanna hear the real three 6.
by The Mack Junt Chiefin' Pimpsta April 03, 2008
A Memphis-based rap group that has more songs about getting your dick sucked than any other musical group. Guaranteed.
Did you hear that new song by Three 6 Mafia? It's called Put Cha D. in Her Mouth.
by I'm a fuckin vetern December 15, 2009
Three 6 Mafia is a crossover rap group out of north memphis tenn. It has been rumored that its members worship the devil. Its members deny this, probably to improve thier public image, BUT there is proof that they once did--many of there songs from the early to mid 90's had many references to the devil. there are many examples of this in Smoked Out, Loced Out and here is a few of them:
"My darkness of demonic secrets finally aroused your soul is horrified flesh falling from the sky the Three 6 anti-christ"

"Feel the wrath of the fuckin' devil nation Three 6 mafia creation of satan"

"Da moon is full and all i see is 6-6-6
in da sky The three 6 mafia Tha devils daughter bitch is
so wild"
by Marcus07 December 01, 2006
you people are dumb as hell,three six mafia is satanic and they didnt get there name cuz there once was six and now there's three.....before they started going by the name three six mafia they went by tripple 6 mafia....
and if you dont beleave me about three 6 mafia being satanic then go and listen to crazy town and it pretty much explains everything.
three 6 mafia,tripple 6 mafia,666 mafia,36 mafia,triple 6 killas
by killa k middle a from the h January 18, 2007
A rap group based out of Memphis that was the hottest hip hop group out of the south in the mid 1990s, but due to greed and envy, the ringleaders Juicy J and DJ Paul screwed over all of the best members of the group, and now those two are the only two members left.
There are only two members of Three 6 Mafia now. DJ Paul and Juicy J kicked out Skinny Pimp, Gangsta Blac, Playa Fly (aka Lil' Fly), Gangsta Boo, Koopsta Knicca, Lord Infamous and Crunchy Black. Rumors are that they picked up Juicy J's brother Project Pat though, but it ain't the same.
by FlyShit June 24, 2006
the only rap group that worships the devil. im mean, think about it. THREE SIX mafia. 3 sixes!! (666) like the omen. and in their song "stay fly" the girl in the background is singing "you are god! you are king, lucifer!" listen to it really good.
three 6 mafia sux, dont you think?
by rachel t aka jose August 23, 2006
biggest rap group so far that worship the devil. u'll believe it when u actually think about their name!! and in stay fly, tha lady singing in the backround, says u are god, u are king, lucifer.
person 1: u heard that new three 6 mafia song??

person 2: no, i don't listen to devil music
by Thababygirl March 09, 2006
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