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Something that's difficult to do. Originates from four difficult sporting maneuvers:


Which can be used to describe the difficulties in life.

1. Spinning your body (360 degrees) into a grind in the most difficult manner.

2. Spinning your body (360 degrees)on a skateboard in the most difficult manner.

3. Scoring from the 3 point line.

4. Rolling a 6 on a dice with a 3 and a 3.

Hence, meaning something that is difficult to do.
1. Damn son! Barry Aragon just did a hurricane topsoul down the 4 flat 20 rail, three the hard way!

2. That wack fool can't even 3 the hard way down the civic four stair set. Ice him.

3. My boy, Royboycop, scored a 3 the hard way to tie the game for the LA-T (Lambton Authority-Team).

4. You washed me son, you rolled three the hard way!

5. Living in the ghetto without that guap is like three the hard way.
by Ousmane's tru bro February 05, 2012
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