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When a guy shoves his dick and balls between his legs. The result looks something like a three bean salad from the back and a mangina from the front.
Every guy, at one point in his, life has made the 'ol three bean salad.
by Sgt. Stadenko February 15, 2005
Lesbian threesome

Derived from 'flicking one's bean'
Hey, Satya, Amelia, fancy a three bean salad? I know my friend Lizzie would want to join in!
by Ewan McGowan November 24, 2011
During the act of annalingus the receiving party farts into the mouth of the person performing.

Eating beans can enhance the flavor, frequency and strength.
Taco Bell is the best fuel for a three bean salad.
by Taco Lion October 11, 2007