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A deadly (as in you'll probably DIE) concoction of drugs, made up to provide the most intense 35 seconds of your life (also the last 35). Three Headed Dragon consists of the three stimulants: crack cocaine, crystal meth, and ecstasy.

I wouldn't recommend it... seriously.
Dude 1: Yo dawg, so I took some of the craziest shit a minute ago, called Three Headed Dragon. MAN IS THIS STUFF AWESOME, I'M SO EXCI- *dies*
Dude 2: Yep, Three Headed Dragon alright...
by Once Again, Nice Lover February 10, 2010
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The act of oral sex between a man and two women in which one woman lays on her stomach while blowing the man while he is on his back, and he simultaneously eats out a woman who is on her knees leaning forward. It creates an up down shape like the body of a dragon. Hence the name.
Last night I met these two chicks. We went back to my place and made a three headed dragon.
by e.e. cummings fan May 25, 2010
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