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When just beginning to have sexual intercourse with a girl and you realize by her completely frozen, shocked expression that you've put it in the wrong hole. Thus, in order to continue bangin', your stupid ass has to make the three centimeter dash from her bung hole (or pee hole) to her vagina.

*Note, distances may vary for different individuals.
Robert: Man, I was doin' it for the first time tonight and you know what?
Timothy: What ma' nigga?
Robert: I started fuckin' her but I put it in the wrong hole.
Timothy: Wow...
Robert: Luckily, I was able to make a quick three centimeter dash and finish up right.
Timothy: I bet that dash wasn't the only thing that was only three centimeters.
Timothy: *takes off sunglasses* YEEAAAAH!!!
by ErWiHaMaRiJa March 02, 2011

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