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One whom overindulges in the fine art of Thrash Metal. Whether it be listening, playing it or talking about it, he or she cannot get enough of the best metal in the world that they're left with a high intoxicating effect.

Common Favorite Bands:

- Slayer
- Metallica
- Anthrax
- Megadeth
- Sepultura
- Testament
- Exodus
- Nuclear Assault
- Kreator
- Destruction
- Dark Angel
- Sodom
- Devastation
- Morbid Saint
- Sacred Reich
- Fueled By Fire
- Violator
- Coroner
- Sadus
- Anacrusis
- Machine Head
- Revocation

...The list goes on and on...
Guy #1: "Dude, that guy over there is a complete Thrashaholic."
Guy #2: "What?"
Guy #1: "Thrash metal is all he talks about. The best metal ever."
Guy #2: "Yeah it is."
by Thrashaholic July 18, 2013
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