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Someone who has been twice pushed in a bush while peeing and urinated on themselves and also peed on the police Cheifs lawn and was put into a headlock and was beat up by the Police Chief. WHAT PUSSY
Thorps a Drunk Moron
by Doug Horn May 22, 2004
11 28
to hit someone in a way that is so hard that it may cause seizures.
dude, i thorped him so hard yesterday when we got into it that he fell down and started having convulsions.
by Landon Carrier from lexington April 24, 2010
8 6
An obscure prison practice in which an incision is made in the armpit of the passive party after which the penis of the active party is repeatedly inserted for sexual pleasure.
I was thorpped in my armpit while in prison
by halfaglass June 19, 2009
14 17