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Thorold High is without a doubt the best school of all time. The teachers know we get high everyday but don't really hassle us about it unless it gets out of hand. Thorold "Get" High as it is commonly reffered to produces kids that are better than anyone else at juicin kegs and texas mickeys (usually of Canadian Club). We also roll more blunts of the nuke than you could imagine and just basically throw the best parties around. If any outsiders or "interlopers" fucks around with one of us, everybody has everybody's back and that is really dope. If you come down to Thorold High come out to the Smoke Hole for a quick session and some laughs.
"Man i was soooo baked yesterday, i was hangin out with some kids from Thorold High, like they are intense with how much herb they blaze"
by Chris Breton November 27, 2007

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