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A small town in Westchester, NY. Westchester is thought to be a wealthy county. This is backed by the fact it was ranked second on the top 5 wealthy county's in the USA. Thornwood is a small town that is home to Westlake High School, the Rose Hill Shopping center (a popular hang out for kids), and Westwood Country Club. Thornwood border's such towns as: Pleasantville, Valhalla, Briarcliff, and Hawthorne. The average income for Thornwood as of 2005 was $95,000 with an average house value of $850,000. Thornwood has a few different types of kids: mainly Preppy, then there are Guidos, White kids who think they are gangsta's, skaters, and a few Goths/Punk kids. You will normally see high school students driving around in BMW's and Mercedes'. Thornwood or aka "T-Wood" is a suburban town and nice place to live.
Kid 1: "He/She lives in Thornwood."
Kid 2: "Propably a preppy Westlake kid"
by John aka J-Money May 21, 2006
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