1. a type of underwear girls usually wear that goes up their ass crack so that she doesnt look like shes wearin granma panties
2. Most guys (Except for Faggots) get horny when they see a girl wearing a thong or any type of underwear that shows off some butt cheeks
dude!, did u see that chick in the hall she was wearing a thong!
by Anonymous September 06, 2003
ass floss!!!
dude she went to the mall and her mom bought her ass floss!
by twenty August 10, 2003
Butt Floss. like knickers, but the ass bit is a thin bitt of material that disappears up your crack. Popular with teenage males.
1. Do you wear thongs?
2. What a ho, look at that thong
by Igg July 15, 2003
A type of undies that give you a wedgie. They are not comfy. If you don't wipe your ass clean, you will have skid marks!
AHHHHH! I have skid marks on my thong!!! It went from white to brown.
by you are a retard February 28, 2006
its some underwear u stick up ur ass!
dude, is she wearing a thong
by sabrina da pina July 24, 2003
"butt floss" iz what most women wear. itz uncomphy but the guyz LOVE it
my thong showed when i shook my ass
by Olivia February 29, 2004
meaning cool, awsome, fantastic, or amazing.

A type of undies that go up the bootay.
That joint was thong!

This thong is riding.
by Briana February 23, 2005

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