What are they and why do girls were them .
I was in choir today and we did warm ups which invoved the girls bending down to the floor. So the men stayed standing and we were in shock in what we saw we say three girls with no underwerar and the rest with a thong. Then they had to bend down backwords and all we saw on the the girls whith no thong was there pussy and one girl had a mini vibrator up in her and ended up cuming into the girl in fornt of hers mouth
by TheWard September 24, 2010
Patetic excuse for underwear. Usually consists of some see through material and a bit of elastic. This usually costs more then the averate pair of jeans. Mostly worn by 11-19 year old girls who want everyone to know that they wear thongs because they are halfway up their back. They do this to attract attention of guys much older then them who want to get them in bed, and much to the displeasture of other girls who arent disgusting skanks.
That girl went to walmart and stole some thongs so that she could fuck that 30 year old guy and look the part.
by nemoandthemagicturkeybaster January 18, 2004
N. What Buhweet sings
"Dank you..Now, I'd like to do a new thong for all the pwetty wimmin out there..."
by DaBunny June 03, 2005
1. a type of underwear girls usually wear that goes up their ass crack so that she doesnt look like shes wearin granma panties
2. Most guys (Except for Faggots) get horny when they see a girl wearing a thong or any type of underwear that shows off some butt cheeks
dude!, did u see that chick in the hall she was wearing a thong!
by Anonymous September 06, 2003
A type of undies that give you a wedgie. They are not comfy. If you don't wipe your ass clean, you will have skid marks!
AHHHHH! I have skid marks on my thong!!! It went from white to brown.
by you are a retard February 28, 2006
ass floss!!!
dude she went to the mall and her mom bought her ass floss!
by twenty August 10, 2003
an undergarment worn by women where the backside is usually jammed straigh up the ass causing an all day wedgie
u will never get me in a thong! u will never get me in a thong! i only wear silk g strings!

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