Butt floss. As in flossing between the cheeks will keep your booty minty fresh.
Oppisite of depends.
Every woman needs to have her butt flossed with a nice thin thong.
by Darth_pikachu January 25, 2006
Something alot of girls wear, that only a few should. If you wouldn't wear it outside your clothes dont wear it at all. If your fat don't wear them, and if you don't shave down there dont wear them THANKS!
High School Girls wear thongs with their bellies hanging out with low rise jeans because they think it makes them cool, and grown up!
by Art Vandeleigh January 11, 2006
The thong is the sexiest thing created by man.
Thank man for thongs "Gigity gigity Gig-it-y"
by JMIt December 14, 2005
the hottest thing a girl can wear gives the most exposure and the most horniness to a straight man hottest thing a girl can wear no exceptions
i hope to see my girlfriend in a thong when she leans over
by fatpenguinzrtakingover November 13, 2005
Beautiful, hot, sexy underwear worn by women (never men -- yuck!) when they want to look and feel beautiful, hot and sexy. Makes the ladies look like they're not wearing underwear. Especially nice when worn with short skirts or pants made from thin or translucent material.
Fat chicks should NOT wear thongs! Ugh!
by The Chuckster November 03, 2005
thongs are boner machines
the thong gave all the horny men boners
by mAGIK bUS April 10, 2005
the best piece of clothing a woman could have one....makes a girl 10 times sexier
That girls ass looks good in a thong.
by hollaback75 March 04, 2005

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