Tiny beachwear that hardly covers anything! It consists of a tiny triangle of material at the front, which can be just barely enough to cover the clitoris, going up to a maximum size of covering the whole pubic area, and the three corners of this tiny triangle are held in place by tiny strings which meet at the back. It is usually worn without a top, which allows the boobs to be fully revealed. The girls who wear them all have good figures, girls who don't have good figures, or who are shy, don't wear them. It is the beachwear that comes closest to being nude.
I handed her the thong and she said "Thanks for nothing!"

If beachwear gets any smaller than the thong, it's going to disappear into the crack.

I'd travel fifty miles to get to the beach these days, because all the girls are wearing thongs.

Mummy, why is that girl naked - oh, now that she's closer I can see she's wearing a thong.

Girls at public beaches will probably wear nothing soon; they're practically naked already by wearing only their thongs.

Seeing all those girls in their thongs is dangerous for me; I think I might be turning lesbian.
by Hot and Spicy November 14, 2010
Top Definition
a small sexy piece of underwear that girls wear and it attracts men. When a girl bends over, it tends to show out from under her jeans or hipsters. Men love them.
My boyfriend likes to remove my thong during sex.
by Chrstinabelle July 26, 2003
By far one of the best forms of underwear. It is small, with strings going around the hips, a small piece of cloth in the back, and cloth in the front. Many girls wear them, useful in preventing "Panty Lines" from coming through when they wear tight pants. Also, a huge turnon for guys when girls bend over, and they pop up about the pants.
Did you see the cute thongs they are selling in Victorias Secret?

Damn, she had one hot thong!
by Joe Shmuck July 29, 2003
What comes out when someone with a lisp tries to say the word "song"
give me back the CD, i want to put a thong on
by nick May 01, 2003
1.underwear that makes guys horny when they see the strings pulled up and the cheeks of an ass when a girl wheres a dress on a windy day
2. Panties that girls where so that they leave a less distinct pantyline so they dont look like there wearing grandma panties in booty shorts
1. yo did u see that chick walking up the stairs in school? she was wearing a thong and it just makes me wanna jack off to her ass
by Anonymous September 06, 2003
1). A peice of lingerie that goes up your ass. Comfortable. Most would disagree, but some say it is comfy, like me.

2). A sandle or flip flop worn in Summer.
1). When we were shopping, we saw a thong for $5, so we bought it.

2). I had a pair or thongs, but i must have misplaced them.
by Pickles March 25, 2005
Retro Definition: Rubber, slip-on sandals (a.k.a. 'flip-flops' or 'jap-flaps'), usually worn for water activities. This definition has been provided as a Public Service Announcement.
As a kid, I remember when my whole family would put on our thongs and head down to the beach. We'd usually take off our thongs before going in the water.
by Ben Dover Franken September 11, 2009
Thongs are a type of footwear, also known as 'Flip-Flops'. Not to be mistaken with the sexy thong garment of underwear.
"Gee gosh them there thongs on yer feet shure do smell mate!"
by Mohammed Aljeeza July 01, 2005
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