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the hottest thing a girl can wear gives the most exposure and the most horniness to a straight man hottest thing a girl can wear no exceptions
i hope to see my girlfriend in a thong when she leans over
by fatpenguinzrtakingover November 13, 2005
156 74
Something stuck up your ass that seems to attract men. Often seen on hott women.
"Damnnn...shes lookin fine in that thong"
by Sarah Osgood October 20, 2003
145 63
thongs are boner machines
the thong gave all the horny men boners
by mAGIK bUS April 10, 2005
141 63
An undergarment for use at parties etc.
An external garment for use in Music Videos. (see: Britney Spears)
-Pull up your damn pants, I can see your thong.
-Somebody set us up the thong.
by Dr. Horatio MacTavish January 12, 2002
91 41
simply the hottest piece of clothing a chick can wear. hott as hell.
take off the thong and lets see if it gets better.
by martin! February 09, 2006
87 43
the best piece of clothing a woman could have one....makes a girl 10 times sexier
That girls ass looks good in a thong.
by hollaback75 March 04, 2005
76 39
An undergarment that costs about $5 more than a similar undergarment called a g-string because there is more fabric that goes up your butt crack.
Stacy preferred to wear a thong over wearing a g-string for better crack coverage.
by Nada Williams December 13, 2003
63 28
a piece of clothing that shows the but cheecks of a woman and makes a man so horny
once i was walking on the beach and saw a girl wearing a thong i wanted to do her so badly
by im too sexy May 26, 2008
52 22