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A theory that states that thongs, while in use, may either increase or decrease the attractiveness of women.

Using a scale from 1 to 10 to rate the attractiveness of women where 1 is 'not hot' and 10 is 'very hot':

Hotness Scale:
1 <= n <= 10

Women who are rated n < 4:
These women decrease in attractiveness: n - 1

Women who are rated 4 <= n < 7:
These women increase in attractiveness: n + 1/2

Women who are rated 10 <= n <= 7:
These women increase in attractiveness: n + 1
Mike: Her tits are nice and she's got a nice face. I'd give her a 7.
Joe: Dude! Mike, she's totally wearing a thong though. That makes her an 8 today! At least according to the thong theory.
by Raph, Adam October 29, 2007
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