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The shittiest webcomic ever, from a moonbat.
This Modern World is bullshit. It calls the US Soldiers dumb, believes in retarded conspiracy theories, and other meaningless moonbat drivel. I wonder if Tom Tomorrow is the gay lover of Kim Jong-Il.
by OLOL January 16, 2007
4 13
An awesome comic strip drawn by artist Tom Tommorow that satirizes our government and other political aspects of life in the U.S.A. He uses characters drawn in a 50's style to poke fun at life today in... you guessed it, the modern world. It's published in a number of altie newspapers and online. (see for more info.)
"Yeah, I was reading This Modern World and it was awesome how they said Condoleeza Rice was really an alien! If only it were true..."
by andriod5 September 13, 2005
10 4