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An invisible bug that bites unsuspecting sex-deprived males, causing the victim to become "thirsty". The longer the male has been sex- deprived, the more severe his symptoms will be. The bite will cause the male to:

1) Be willing to have sex with undesirable, even hideous or fat, women (The greater the thirst, the lower the standards)

3) make creepy advances toward women that are out of his league
3) Lack the ability to flirt with women that are in his league
3) Become oblivious to clear signs of rejection from any woman

The only cure for this tragic condition is for the male to have sex with an attractive female. If you see a male that is starting to exhibit any of these symptoms, find him an acceptable bitch immediately!! Before he suffers from severe thirst!
Garret: "Lamar why the hell would you fuck that weak bitch? She's a zero!!"
Lamar: "I couldn't resist man, I was bitten by the thirst bug"

"Man i really shouldn't fuck this girl, she's the biggest slut on campus... ahhh shit i've been bitten by the thirst bug!!"
by Lebron Flocka James April 11, 2014
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