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stupid ass mofo from southside wichmond who wants to be in the air force. Leach, puker, dropper, doesn't know how to articulate in public. weighs 10 pounds. Commit's homiecide every day
Damn, Thijs be committing homiecide again today? What a damn mofo, we oughta shut that nasty mofo up! Kneivster, u gon'get a baseball bat will ya, fo sho.
by huntlazyhorses April 19, 2005

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An unbelievably hot dutch person.
OMG! You are hot, but you're not Thijs.
by Jo Jo September 09, 2004
He has a fucking large dutch nob and gets educated by jewish teachers with skullcaps. Also likes FILF's and he is one bad ass mother fucking hot dutch kid.
Thijs has a rather large cock that Livvy likes

ps I love Steve
by Thijsc May 09, 2008