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Rainn Wilson's preferred synonym for behind.

First mentioned on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.
"My thigh caps are so sexy in The Rocker."
"Wow! Look at his fine thigh caps."
by LauraNJ August 23, 2008
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Synonym for butt. Invented August 1-2 at midnight by dwight schrute on the craig ferguson show.
Franklin kicked Mario in the thigh-caps!
by Gohtohmaon August 01, 2008
Thighcaps are also referred to as a person's ass cheeks
Would you take a look at those thighcaps, damn!!
by Tyler Selesky August 21, 2008
(noun)Synonym for the human buttocks. Created by Rainn Wilson from "The Office" on an interview on the Preston and Steve Show (93.3 WMMR, Philadelphia) on 16 July 2008.
I was balls deep in her thighcaps lastnight and totally donkey punched her for the money shot!
by CurensDad July 17, 2008

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