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A thermae was an ancient bathing house/brothel. Many of these have been excavated in the ruins of the ancient cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Basically, they consisted of three rooms: a cold room, a temperate room and a hot room. There was also a room to get changed in, and separate sections to engage in brothel-like activities (Note: in those days, prostitution was viewed as perfectly normal).

These days, the use of the word 'thermae' has been popularized and brought into mainstream pop culture and has also become a staple in Bally-Slang terms. Joshua Risbey, M.D, PhD (who you may remember as the researcher who discovered the Smoh Ah creature) was a major pioneer in the usage of the word, as was Mr. Ian 'Spiv' James. Dr. Risbey's fascinatation with the term was sparked by many a glorious Ancient History lessons at Bally, and Risbey would often ask random questions in regards to the goings-on of the thermae, such as "How many hookers could you have brought into the thermae with you?" and "Spiv, I bet you would have demolished the thermae with your gargantuan cock if you were around back in the day" just to name a few.

So, "thermae" became Dr. Risbey's nickname from then on, and to this day, he continually uses the term in conversation.

Variations include: Thermae-out, thermballz, therm-chamber.
Oi legend, I'm so keen for a thermae!

Thermae sesh at my house in a few weeks, and we'll attract some Smoh Ah to come.
by M Leonidas July 17, 2009
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