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n. Origin: Nacho Supreme
1. The Nacho in a plate of Nacho supreme that has the perfect balance of beans, tomatoes, sour cream, cheese, and any other ingredient on the plate. Usually saved for the very last nacho.
2. The ULTIMATE culminating bite of any given food.
3. Refering to the perfect mix of flavor.
4. The perfect scenario for maximum possible enjoyment at any given time or event.
1. "Dude...Do you want a nacho."
"Sure Bro...thanks"
"Did you just take my thenacho? I said A nacho, not THENACHO"

2. "The next bite of my burger for sure is the thenacho"

3. "Hey man...what flavor is your smoothie?"
4. "If I won the Powerball lottery, that would be thenacho"
by xxbigmikexx September 24, 2008

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