Theistic Satanism is the most popular and common form of Satanism. This type of Satanism is not what is portrayed like in today's world. These Satanists(as well as all other variants of Satanism) are not evil, don't kill or commit any crimes. Satanists work their entire lives on being more spiritual and more in-tune with the earth. Theistic Satanist know that Satan (sometimes referred to as Enki as well as a few other names) and the Gods/Demons to be real beings. Through rituals and meditation, Theistic Satanists work to awaken energy in their body called the Kudalini Spirit, once this has awoken, the individual has reached godhead and will become a Demon/God after death. This practice takes a long time to achieve, taking more than one life, which means one most go through many lives to achieve godhead.
I am dedicated Theistic Satanist, and proud.

Theistic Satanism is a wonderful lifestyle full of self fulfillment.
by AnarchyStocking July 16, 2011
Top Definition
As the Satanic ideals and religion grew more popular throughout the decades of the 20th century, most Satanists were only symbolic Satanists. This means they used Satan as a symbol for desires that other religions denied, individuality, strength, independance, etc, but did not actually worship or believe in Satan. To be a Theistic, or traditional Satanist, means to be one that truly believes in Satan and worships him as the deity that he is.
*Philosophical/Symbolic Satanism- " We don't actually believe in Satan, but we live very similarly to the principles of which a true Satanist operates on, minus worshipping"

*Theistic Satanism*- I believe in and worship Satan as a god
by EternalFollower July 21, 2006
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