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Also known as “finger test”. Inserting one or more fingers into the vagina then swiftly yet subtly (without the subject noticing) smelling the fingers ergo making the decision if cunnilingus is in order. Same technique can also be applied to the anus.
Kris says: “Did you eat her beaver ?”
Sebastian says: “No! I did the sampler and it wasn’t a very inviting scent!”
by SebbieFresh January 15, 2010
A method of oral sex when a man (or women) eats out a womans vagina. You go in lightly, just barely licking the edge of the clit, and gradually increase the strength and length of your licks/penatrations with your tongue so you are "sampling" the woman's vag.

Some ladies consider it to be more arousing due to the gradually heightening and intensity of the licks/strokes.
Oh man Johnny gave me a the sampler last night and it really hit my spot!

Tim sampled Alexandra's pussy as he ate her out.
by middymax May 02, 2009
n. an orgy with a member of every race
n. sexual intercourse with a member of every race on separate occasions.
Last night I had the sampler but the Asian girl bitched too much.

If only I could find a Native American girl I could complete the sampler!
by Johnny Two Toes October 29, 2007
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