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Probably the best website the intarwebz has seen since Pornhub. Created back in 2008, the site has grown to over 200,000 members and rapidly growing. This is the modding capital of the web and is run by a bunch of 1337 super trolls like Yoddle, Wougie, and all of the super troll army. But beware if you plan on scamming on TTG, be prepared to feel the full swing of Hippie's banhammer and his 1337 h4x.
Noob: "Can I get into a free 10th lobby?"

Admin/Mod: You will now feel the full epic force of the epic banhammer on your tiny pre-pubescent skull.

Noob: "NO!"

Troll: "umad bro?"

The Tech Game
by TTGTrolololol November 17, 2010
Probably the stupidest technology based website on the web.
Everyone joins TTG to leech off of the nonlegit hosters on the site in the modded lobbies sections. The whole site is strictly enforced except for the modded lobbies section. Everyone in that section posts "Sub for this" or "Send GirlyGirl69 a message saying boobz". The site is very clean and sleek;I give em that. But the enforcement is OBNOXIOUS. Every link is blocked on the site to prevent advertising. If you make a post using ALL CAPS, ask for donations or charge for your lobbies, use 2020 to bypass the character filter, you bypass the swear filter, you get a warning. If you want to post a link/email, you have to add spaces. You can no longer embed pictures on the site, but only staff can. I am pretty sure everyone on the site is a gay lover. You have to wait for staff to approve of your avatar, sig, or banner. In the Ask The Staff section, 3/4 of the staff think of slick and smart comments to say to you (They make YOU look stupid). The only cool staff are r00t, Tattoo, and a few others. Dil is 21 year old bitch. Famous_Energy thinks he owns the site and thinks he's tough, but he really can nibble on my head. Everyone gets banned. I have been IP banned twice but I am able to change my ip. They think that they are slick. If you use ABP (AdBlock Plus) you are encouraged to remove it so the website can earn money from ads. The logo makes ZERO sense. Ozy uses the signature that says "GAY PRIDE". fag! And more.
Homy 1: You hear about The Tech Game, nigga?

Homy 2: Yeee, I heard from my nigga SweetTea, that if you want to get banned in the snap of a finger, hit that place up!

Homy 1: Realtalk? I just heard that they got some wack ass staff.

Homy 2: That too homez.
by Famous_Energy July 04, 2013
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