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A rock/pop/indie band straight out of Arizona. Brian Dales on vocals, John Gomez on guitar, Jessica Bowen on drums, Stephen Gomez on bass, and Josh Montgomery on guitar. Their ages range from 18-20 and they are enthusiastic, have tons of energy, and love meeting their fans. Bring them food if you see them on tour, they often have the munchies. If you ever have a problem, blame it on Brian, he deserves it.
Fangirl 1: "Hey did you see The Summer Set last night?!"
Fangirl2: "Yeah! I brought them hummus and they ate it all!"
by Keyskid April 23, 2009
Shitty band from Arizona. They don't belong in any other genre other than pop garbage.
Singer: Yea so l'm trying to go for a more 'the summer set' sound.

Guitarist: (leaves practice and never returns)
by dudeomfgidontcare January 09, 2011
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