Same as above, but using Cosmo disqualifies you from gaining 1 inch in penis length from ganking a n00b. GG Mofo.
My penis withered away because I'm a Cosmo using pussy.
by Killtodie December 02, 2004
Top Definition
The Clan Formerly Known As SEKS takes up a new name, The Seksonic Legion, an Uber WoW Guild on the Horde side who ganks n00bs and gains 1 inch to penis length for each n00b ganked.
Remeber kids, Everytime you gank a n00b your penis grows an inch. :D
by Killtodie November 15, 2004
The Uber WoW Clan which resides on the Burning Legion server. Now gaining 2 inch in penis lenth for ganking a Mofo member :)
Remember kids, double points for ganking a Mofo! :D
by Killtodie November 29, 2004
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