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A sex move where you bonk the shit out of either a journalist, to get a praising article written about your creation, or a judge in a contest, to win said competition.
My video game wasn't doing that well, but ever since I did the Quinn with that guy from Kotaku, I got all the exposure I need.
by Faggy McFaggerson September 02, 2014
An exotic de-manlyizing STD contracted by the sexual intercourse (oral, anal, ear, nose, hand, foot, boob) with a girl from Winlsow Township NJ. With this disease a mans dick painfully shrivels up and falls off because any man dumb enough to touch her, deserves to never touch any thing again!!
Man 1: Dude, i think theres something wrong, my dick is shriveling up, and it hurts!
Man 2: Bro..... I think u have The Quinns!!
by 123andrew April 16, 2011
a highly skilled young gentleman.also a sexy love god.and is the hardist crew member.
oh may god the quinns comin that sexy man beast
by ken November 27, 2004