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The Porch Life is the place you can just go and kick it and not worry about anything else. We sit around and chill all day. Ganja is our medicine and escape. We are the kids your parents warned you about. When we arrive, you know the party has started. Haters wish they could be us, and we just laugh at them. We will all be successful one day and there's nothing you can do to stop us. We have fun and still make better grades than you. (With the exception of one) Porch Life til the next life.
P.S. Not everyone is welcome at the porch.
I'm living The Porch Life, and you are jealous.

Ill be at the Porch.
by PLFL December 06, 2011
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a cool fella who is lade back and kicks it on the porch all day
he kickn it on the porch just chilin and livin the porch life
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