A colorguard move executed with teh use of a flag. This was originally created by the Raritan Rockets Colorguard. It is executed correctly by holding your flag at right slam. Lean back until youre parallel to the ground. As you do so, slide your flag until you're holding it only with your right hand by the endcap. Continue to swing the flagaround your body by the endcap.
"DUDE did you see Chelsea and Nikki scare the shit out of RBC that adaptation of The Matrix!?!??!?!???!!"
by NikkiNikkiMyers December 20, 2008
A trilogy of movies that steadily get worse the further into the trilogy you.
"The Matrix" is way better than "The Matrix: Revolutions"
by Maximus April 10, 2004
A guy on the G4 forums who is banned a lot. He also does stuff some times.
"DILLIGAF?" - The Matrix
by The Thief March 03, 2004
Cool program that allows you to load stuff into your brain really fast.
Shit!? I know tai-kwan-do!
by Mr. Andersson. November 15, 2003
A program that's loaded into the subconcious mind. The brain and central nervous system are interfaced with the Matrix. Electrical signals from the Matrix travel to the brain and central nervous system from which the brain translates as touch, taste, smell, sight and sound. Because the central nervous system interfaces with the Matrix, affected persons will feel pain.
If a fatal wound or injury is incurred while inside the Matrix, death results.
by Gary Destruction November 11, 2003
A reference to a matrix, that is, a series of rows and columns that form a 2-dimensional shape.
The matrix is superb!
by Sean October 30, 2003
Movie whose main premise is that humans are fed reality directly into their brains so that their bodies may be used as batteries by a machine civilization on post-apolyptic earth. The Matrix refers to the reality fed into people's brains. The premise is fundamentally flawed however as: (a) people are not batteries; (b) you'd have to feed the people to get electricity (if you could): see perpetual motion; (c) they could just use some other animal that doesn't require The Matrix.
Why didn't the Machines just use ostrich's, elephants, horses, pigs, monkeys, apes, aardvarks (or any other animal) as batteries? They surely wouldn't require The Matrix. Other animals wouldn't revolt. Human batteries? Riiight. However, I'm sure Matrix fans can come up with some fanciful explanation.
by Mr jullio February 10, 2010
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