Is comparable to God. The man has stunning good looks, killer style and intelligence of a rare breed. The Man has the power to slay any and all ladies but chooses not to; as he is choosing to wait for The Woman of his dreams. The man is destined to be a super hero; saving the world day by day. He is recognized and admired by all who know him. The man is a legend in flesh. The Man is respect. The Man is loyalty. The Man is inspiration.
Vikktoriea: *** thinks to herself.

Is that The Man?
by PineappleJuice March 30, 2015
Hardcore gangster that will do anything. You already know
Person: Hey why you just slap that boy?

The Mans: Duh bitch, cause I'm the mans
by Akbok March 28, 2009
Sinister corporate and/or government interests.
Terry sold out to THE MAN years ago.
by THE MAN October 10, 2002
1) A political figure/owner of a business who is often "tryin' to keep you DOWN"

2) A guy who sells you drugs.

3) Someone who is truly awesome. Can be used for males or females.
1) The man keeps tryin' to bring me down! Let's protest!

2) I'm going off to the alleyway to get some "stuff" from the man.

3) Wow! You're the man! / Wow! He's the man! / Wow! She's the man! / Wow! That's the man!
by josianne May 30, 2006
The mystery entity downtrodden scumbags blame for multiple generations of failure.
Beggar: "Hey buddy, can you spare a dolla? The man been keepin' me down my whole life."

Me: "Hmmm I bet your dad was an unemployed drug addict also."

Beggar: "Hey you some sorta psychic?"
by Cardinal April 09, 2004
The Hippie equivalent of Satan. An evil deity imagined during the late 1960s. A focal point of the Hippie cult religion. Often perceived as a white man in a nice suit. The reason why white men in nice suits are advised not to approach Hippie followers.
Duuude, why is the Man always trying to bring us down??! We should all be, like... happy, and... uhh... Pink elephants!! Pink elephants everywhere!!! AAHhhh!!... Hey, you gotta joint, man?
by Silbixia March 09, 2010
The striatum of power engendered by the ruling elite, made up primarily of the government and corporate conglomerates. The man is the system of social and economic repression imposed upon minorities and the poor. -The aim of this repression being to maintain the status-quo in order to preserve current power and wealth relations. Sometimes described as “The White Man” because the people who control the government and the corporations are rich white males.
The man is keeping the black man down
by memoryman April 15, 2003
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