Insulting OR endearing term to describe the Isle of Man Isle of Man
eg - Please attach a giant motor to the island and sail it down to the Med
Please bomb the island and sink the damn thing
by A Manx Girl September 15, 2003
Manhattan New York
He ran the island in 89'
by def November 07, 2003
A place of work that self-generates a delusional belief that it contributes much more to benefit the society at large than what it actually does. In fact, the company’s delusion can be so grand in some instances, that it actually believes it defines society through it’s own warped lens of the world!

These beliefs are perpetually broadcast to workers through a relentless stream of propaganda communications.

The Island has it’s own special language that one must learn and speak, yet this language has no meaning outside of the confines of the company. It also has invisible geographic boundaries where, once crossed, workers will change their behaviour and demeanour.

Its workers must be prepared to modify their sense of self to comply with company culture. Workers also get measured routinely on their beliefs, thoughts and values to ensure it meets the political idealism of the company - which is usually to preserve the wealth and status of the upper class, suppress and control middle classes and provide unreachable dreams and hope for lower class citizens.

Workers that are not compliant with their beliefs and thoughts are quickly marginalised and chastised by management and often labeled as a ‘bad egg’, or even by quasi-psychological management terms such as ‘rebellious child’. Most workers, however, passively comply and will shuffle along each week and perform their duties like clockwork. They then wonder, many years later, why they feel something is missing from their soul.

John: I saw a webcast today that our company has worked out the trap all of the worlds fresh drinkable water and control its flow across the world. Those poor farmers going through drought won’t suffer anymore. Isn’t that amazing?

Jenny: No…it’s not John…it’s fucken disgusting…it’s the evil work of the Island…are you fucken stupid mate!
by Towball August 31, 2014

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