If you wanna definition of the Beatles, just get a dictionary. Look under "awesome".
Waste of a Life: The Beatles are gay fags, they suck.

Me: What do you like, stupid dick, Linkin Park?

Waste of a Life: Yeah, they rock.

Me: Stupid @!#$

Waste of a Life: What?

Me: pull out machine gun Nothing.

I proceed to spray Waste of a Life with bullets. His head implodes into a medley of red gore and flesh (no brain, unsurprisingly). I take his Linkin Park CDs and burn them with a match. I play "Sgt. Pepper" really loud, and watch the REAL "gay fag" music burn.
by J Kode May 16, 2008
Same as said above, only before they were famous, they were called "The Silver Beatles". That didn't go well once they were noticed, so they shortened it =)
(Not to be a know-it-all, but my dad grew up with 'em and has a book on them =)
Must I make a sentence that would not mean anything because you know it's already stated in the above noted?
by Erin Wolf The Werewolf July 09, 2004
The Most Amazingly Awesome Band EVER! Paul Mccartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr are all amazing!
fuck all the 11 year old emo kids who hate the beatles
by jamie2342 October 28, 2007
The most influential band ever. They may not have been the best, or the most exciting, but they kicked serious ass and set the standard for music.

Stupid kids denounce them because they are "too soft" and "old" and they may have heard one song (Probably Yellow Submarine, to which they only know the chorus) and they go off and listen to Green Day and that bullshit.

Kids like that should shove an icepick through their eye socket and realize that they're favorite bands didn't invent music, it came from bands like the Beatles.
The Beatles will fuck up Green Day.
by Doc Holliday June 08, 2006
The Beatles were no more then one of the best bands. They had the beat and rythem to make a crowd happy. They really did change the world of music as we see it today.
We will Never forget you you have been a Inspiration to as all and you have done alot for rock music today

Thank You the Beatles
by digger dog January 14, 2007
The beatles are a very well known shitty band coming from liverpool. They are called "the most inspiring" band in the world when really they were just a jonas brother band on the 1960's. The music requires no talent at all. Even a child in the mother's womb could play it. The guitar is tuned as high as it can go and the drum kit is narrowed down to a two piece kit. The beatles should be called the most inspiring band in the world they should be called the most shittyest band in the world.
"hey joe listen to this song its so heavy. What are you talking about billy this is the beatles this sounds like little kids music.
by Mcofficernasty April 05, 2011
The Beatles. The world greatest band. Revolutionised music as a whole. Genuinely nice blokes.
The beatles typical conversation:

Lennon: "Paul, Did you know your future wife is going to be a money whore?"

PAul: "no, but thanks for telling me"
by THE_HIPPIE April 19, 2007

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