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A long and complicated story used to cheer someone up, fill awkward silences or just make people laugh. (also an unbelieveable excuse)
The Bear Story- So, I was walking through the hall in the mall one day and there was this bear, just sitting there, eating a jar of honey. And I said, 'bear, what the crap are you doing?" and then, THE BEAR, said, 'I'm eatnig a jar of honey, what the crap are you doing?' So I said 'pfft. pfft. pfft. well I don't want to talk to you if you're going to be like that' so I go to walk away, all upset, and he sticks out his foot and I trip and tragically break my leg. And then a squirrel comes up and picks my pockets and runs away with my cash! And then a raccoon comes by and says 'Joey, you stink at lying' and I go 'pfft, my name's not Joey' and I get up to chase the squirrel and my leg is miraculously healed HALELUJAH! And then, an elephant walks by and I go 'you never saw a stranger sight.' And THAT'S why you never milk an ostrich.
by SweeneyToddIsEpic August 04, 2010
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