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The term used to describe what to do when a hot chick, that is too hot for her own good and uses that hotness as an abusive power, is giving a guy head and he wraps his legs around her head and lets out a massive fart in her face.
"Dude, this bitch was going down on me last night but she was totally using me to get back at her boyfriend... so I gave her The Brad."
by camtangled September 13, 2008

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When your on a first date with a girl, and you start hooking up with her in the hopes of losing your virginity. Turns to sex and to finish, you blow a load on her face, throw on your clothes and run away from her house.
(Out of breath) "I...just....B-rad'ed some...broad....fuck....yes" - The B-rad'er
"High Five Man!" - Friend of B-rad'er

"I just B-rad'ed all over a broadski..." - A legendary man
by Allanburg Boys November 15, 2009