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The passive-agressive, real-time technique a girl will use to cancel a date with a guy, starting with an initial postponing ("seeing a friend from out of town!"), a second postponing ("my friend is late, sorry!") and ending with outright cancellation, often without a second date suggestion ("Sorry, can't make it tonight! Talk soon")
The three-part text message cancellation goes as follows:
Girl: Hey, yeah, my friend Anna is in town for the night, and we'll just get dinner. Meet afterward for drinks?
Guy: Sure.
Girl: Yeah, so she's kind of down, I'm gonna have a couple of drinks with her, is that okay?
Guy: Yeah, I'll see you later.
Girl: Okay so Anna is sleeping over, girl's night in. Really sorry.
Guy: Okay, so we do this later then?
Girl: ...
by TheMontrealGuy October 20, 2011