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when a female lays on a couch or bed in the spread eagle position with her butt slightly in the air so that the male may mount her in a gargoyle position so that the bottom of their thighs are touching. He may the begin to penetrate downward almost like a scorpion.
Guy 1: Hey, did you have fun with Lisa?

Guy 2: Yeah man, we did the scorpion right there on my futon!
by Shane O'c January 26, 2011
One of the greatest classic rock bands. They have over 20 albums and my favourite album by The Scorpions is Acoustica
Hey dude i was listening to the acoustic version of Huricane 2000 and it was friggin awesome! I love the scorpions.
by cb_32 July 01, 2006
the only effective policing force in South Africa.
is that a scorpion in your arms (deal), or are you just glad to see me?
by alan October 21, 2004
The act of stretching one's ballbag over your mouth and chin while yelling "get over here!". If it results in an orgasm you then yell "flawless victory!"
"This chick was going down on me, next thing I know she gave me the Scorpion"
by ....wait, what? December 19, 2014
The scorpion is performed by two perpetrators on a victim: one perpetrator gives the victim a double titty twister from behind, causing the victim to instinctively arch his back. When this happens, the second perpetrator punches the victim in the ballsac.
Mike: Did you hear what happened to Jared?
Pete: Yeah, he got the scorpion!
by Wang Bandit July 10, 2008
When a man before,during, or after sex takes his finger and fish hooks the females mouth, anus, or vagina pulling it towards his crotch region to insert his penis all while saying very loudly "GET OVER HERE" like scorpion from mortal kombat . This can be preformed with or without the female's consent This must be preformed while the female is conscious or else this would be classified as a "Creepy Crawler"
"Yo my friend almost gave his girl the scorpion after senior dress up day"

"i live in a giant bucket"
by Sketchy Steve December 04, 2007
To sit facing the toilet and take a dookie on the bottom of your feet then when this is done the person leans forward with the assistance of there hands to gain momentum and fling the hot load into the toilet over their head.
i didnt know there were so many ways to poo! Today i tried The scorpion and it was amazing!All these pooping positons just spice things up!
by Blow it out your A$$ May 06, 2011

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