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When a guy/girl you are interested in texts you often, but once in person does not speak or pay nearly as much attention to you as they had while texting, you have been put in the Text Zone.
Similar to the Friend Zone, the Text Zone is specific to relationships where both parties are not often able to hang out, yet carry on keeping in touch via text message. The overall effect is that the person placed in the Text Zone waits in agony for the one they desire to see them as more than a texting buddy.
Girl 1: Hey, how was the beach trip with Carl?
Girl 2: Well, he texted me with the time and place to meet up and told me I was beautiful, but once we got together he didn't have much to say and seemed to pay more attention to the sandwich he had for lunch. He later texted me to tell me he had a nice time though.
Girl 1: Dude, he totally put you in the Text Zone.
Girl 2: Yeah, I know. :(

Aww man, I've been texting this girl for three weeks straight, but when we finally got to hang out, she text zoned me! I thought we had something special!
by peacelove5 August 27, 2012
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