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One: Never let anyone know how much money you have. Money makes people jealous, and if someone screwed up and lost theirs, they are gonna come after you.
Two: Never let anyone know your next move. Take it from him, he'll sprays bullets at people with weed and money.
Three: Never trust anyone. Your mom will set you up and play with your head. For any source of money, she will act like nothing's up and then screw you over.
Four: Never get high on your own weed or coke.
Five: Never sell your stuff where you live. It doesn't matter how much they want, tell them to leave.
Six: Don't let your consumers buy without cash; they won't pay you back.
Seven: Don't involve your family in your crack-selling business. Money and blood don't mix like homosexuals, and if you do decide to do this you will find yourself in serious trouble.
Eight: Never keep anything that could ultimately hurt you on yourself. The people you trust could turn on you and try to take over your spot.
Nine: If you are taking a break from selling, don't hang around with police. If others in the business see you doing this, they won't care what you say and will break into your house to beat you up.
Ten: Make sure you know who you are trusting your money with. If you give your money to someone who isn't going to be responsible with it and lose it, the people who sell you the crack are going to want their money no matter what the weather outside is like.
The Ten Crack Commandments by The Notorious B.I.G.
by Notoriously loved January 04, 2011

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