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the standard average play is usually the best play available in poker. the standard average play, or SAP, was developed as a kind of anti-dote to The Fancy Play Syndrome. the Standard Average Play is what a SAP, or "normal" person might do, if that normal person thought through what was actually occurring in the moment at the table AND the Standard Average Play is what every Pro should be looking for, and should know, at any given point in the play of a hand. the Standard Average Play was developed by William Edward Harding and Kurt Dewhurst, two well-known Las Vegas Poker personalities.
you know, rather than trying to out-think everybody all the time and look like a genius, you might benefit from simply asking: "what's the standard average play here?" the standard average play is usually good enough, and usually where you're head should be.
by willhard9723 May 19, 2013
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