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(n.) an unspecified period of time before spring break during which a student (or faculty member) loses the ability to accurately perceive the passage of time.

Dr. Richard Block identified a framework of four interrelated factors that affect this perception: (1) characteristics of the time experiencer, (2) time-related behaviors and judgments, (3) contents of a time period, and (4) activities during a time period.

The Spring Break Effect will cause noticeable changes in everyday life. For example, students will likely experience feelings of acedia (mental sloth, apathy, indifference, boredom) or exhaustion caused by sleep deprivation. Days will run together to the point where they are distinguished only by the assignments or exams scheduled. Most of an individual's "productive" time will be spent on academic tasks that will range between mindless and tedious. (If a suffer is subjected to these conditions for extended periods of time, particularly when tasks are mindlessly tedious, it is recommended that they consult a mental health professional.) Finally, those affected will spend increased and possibly unhealthy amounts of time on social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, if the subject is female).
Person A: "How is it only Tuesday?"
Person B: "I don't know. It feels like Friday."
Person C: "Dude, you're experiencing the Spring Break Effect."
Person A: "Is that fatal?"
Person C: "No, but staying awake for 72 hours might."
Person B: "Shit."
by Layla Clinch March 07, 2012
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