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A turning point street conflict in the city of New Haven, Connecticut which lasted from November 6, 1993 - December 30, 1998.

SKN, A mostly all white Frat turned mafia-type wanna be black crew who in truest form were racist, had a simple plan. They would put their agents in any organization, crew, or clique they could find. Once SKN agents were inside they would sponsor in other SKN agents thereby putting a portion of SKN in every group in New Haven. Eventually those agents would rise in rank and the SKN would secretly control everything.

Pockets of Latin Kings, Netas, Elm City Boys, Dogpound, and various other crews realized what was going on and formed a resistance to battle the white conspiracy.

After death, loss, and betrayal the SKN organization disintegrated and the resistance triumphed.
An urban war that occured behind the streets.
by LastGuardian November 17, 2004
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