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a group of idiots who film alot of random bullshit which is extremely funny. Such bullshit can be found in "The SH!THEADS Movie", "SH!THEADS 2: Boys On The Bog" and "Stick A Sword In These Things". The SH!THEADS consist of Ant McEwan, Sam Chaabane, Mark Alpin and Jakey Boy.
From "The SH!THEADS Movie":

Ant - "Awww man, is I well 'ard coz I is smokin'?"
Jakey - "Are we there yet?" Ant - "Yep, we're there...eat shit!"

From "SH!THEADS 2: Boys On The Bog":

Mark - "Im addicted to being put in sleeper holds!...Wack one on me now!"
Ant - "You were the one who said I couldnt get it up motherfucker!"

From "Stick A Sword In These Things":

Hobo Ballbaggins - "It's some sort of weird language...i cant make it out..."
Gunbelt - "There's few who can. In the common tongue it reads 'Place finger here'."
by Ant McEwan February 27, 2005