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Those of us with better things to do who have had to endure the over-the-top exuberance, fake royal names, betting on trivialities such as who would cry first, and endless tittering chatter of Anglophiles, Royalists, Loyalists, Fashinazis, and other Wedding Groupies in the run-up to William and Kate’s Royal Wedding.
Royalist: Did you hear, they have Kate's mother at 8-to-5 to be the one who cried first.

Anglophile: Yeah, well my Royal name according to E! is Lord William Paul Puss-Puss-Boston-Post.

Wedding Groupie: I will be drinking mimosas and eating toad in the hole with my friends when it's on.

The Royally Screwéd: Didn't we fight a revolution like 225 years ago to avoid this crap?
by Beelzebub Jones April 29, 2011
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