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The effect caused by the addition of a "Rogers" to any normal event.

The effect is this: You may have a plan in place to go out for the evening with a bunch of dudes and you will be guaranteed of having a fun time with some laughs. But with the addition of just one dude, "Rogers", the evening gets redonkulously off the hook. Next thing you know your underwear is flying out the window, girls are doing things that you have only read about in a dirty magazine, and you are hammered drunk.
Dude 1: Are we going to the strip club later?

Dude 2: Big time, but "Rogers" is meeting us.

Dude 1: Oh Shit! Every time he is with us, I wind up hamboned with some girls thong on my head again!!! That's "The Rogers Effect"!!! It scare me.
by batmanhere September 12, 2011
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