This occurs when a girl squirts semen out of her nose after giving a blow job.
The Raging Bull made me vomit.
by Stevie Yates September 12, 2009
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The Raging Bull is widely believed to be one of the greatest martial arts stances in existence. First, get down on all fours. Declare in a loud, proud voice "Witness the Raging Bull!!!" Proceed to rapidly pelvic thrust forward while screaming "Raging Bull! Raging Bull!" The proper place to engage in the Raging Bull is in the middle of an intersection. Make sure many cars stare at you in horror or in admiration. Enjoy...the Raging Bull.
I was calmly stopped at a red light, when I witnessed a young man engagin in the Raging Bull right before my very eyes!
by shuuxrei October 06, 2006
When Your Fucking A Girl DoggyStyle Vaginally And All Of A Sudden You Shuv Your Dick In Her Ass And she falirs her nostrils in anger from you doing that and she starts bucking like a bull trying to get the dick out of her ass.
I was Fucking This Girl Last Night And I Decided To Give Her The Raging Bull And She Hasn't Called Me Since
AKA-The Angry Bull/ The Angry Bull
by ManteoCity March 08, 2015

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