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A website where all of the cool people from Yahoo Answers R&S hang out.

You can constantly find them talking about Toothy, Owl's fantastic drawing's, or boobs. That's really all they talk about. Other than that they sing "I'm on a boat" and "Jizz in my pants" repeatedly.
"Hey where did all the R&S regulars go?"
"They are chatting in The QnA Underground, because they have nothing better to do."
by ToothyFan!! August 19, 2009
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A forum also known as The Crack House to R&S regulars. Highly addictive to those who have nothing better today and insomniacs.
The QnA Underground:
"Really means crack"
"Hey what's up crackheads?"
"Hey back for your hourly fix at the crack house?"
"Hey I've only slept 3 hours but you guys sure are a shitload of fun!!"
"I haven't done shit all day at work but sure glad I'm here."
"I called in sick to be here."
by Audra is YooHoo August 20, 2009
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