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A legendary piece of land located squarely on the Pamlico/ Tar River divide, and includes a portion of the Great Dismal Swamp. The ravine itself is nonexistant; it is in the dead center of North Carolina's coastal plain. The ravine is more of an idea of wrecklessness and ill-fated attempts. The ravine has born countless daredevil adventurers, hordes of pirate mutiners, and a slew of rowdy folk. Legend has it that a local drunkard coined the term when a ruffian attempted to deny him brew. This pioneer has gone down in ravine history.
Ruffian- "Wait your turn for beer, man.."
Hero of the Ravine- "Fool! Do you know who you're messing with? I come the the Pamlico Ravine, where champions are bred and faggots are murdered!"
Ruffian-"I didn't know, man!"
by A. Futrell April 26, 2006
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