An annoying ass web site that posts fake articles.
Yet another "The Onion" article was posted on digg. Some users were tricked into believing the fake published content.
by bluemuffin June 04, 2009
Top Definition
"America's Finest News Source." A satirical that makes fun of American politics and pop culture.
This article by The Onion is hilarious!
by Jon December 31, 2003
When cooking with onions for a long period of time / great number of days, one may smell of onions and be unable to be rid of the smell.

The smell can also seep into pores, and when squeezing spots, they may smell of onions.
Girl, on squeezing her boyfriends spot:

Girl - "MAN, that reeks of onions"
Boy - "Yes, I made onion soup today".
Girl - "You have the onions!!"
by Leemla February 16, 2010
When someone has a big butt and you start to tear.
"Yo, that girl/guy got the onion! I'm tearing."
by J.L.A. March 02, 2015
A hood in annpolis known for heavy drug activity also known as the onion block, 1800 block or Annapolis Gardens.
Im bout to hit the onion and cop me few grams.
by youngswagga101 March 07, 2009
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